Our first barrels will tell the story of a journey we began a decade ago. 

When we decided to make rye whiskey, we wanted to learn every aspect of the craft. How the trees are selected from the forest, how the land is rested, how to preserve the health and diversity of the soil, how to minimize our environmental impact and, most importantly, how we can do better with every barrel we produce. The status quo of whiskey production is actively depleting our lands of nutrition and polluting our rivers and streams, while selling whiskey that largely comes from the same factories.

Phyllis won’t be a part of that. That does not fit our mission to reconnect agriculture with cocktail culture. If we plant seeds in the ground, we feed the soil. If we put whiskey in a barrel, we do it with patience. And if you’re going to buy a bottle of Phyllis Rye whiskey, you’re going to know it’s made the right way. 

After years of patiently waiting, we’re excited and proud to share this first release with you.

This single barrel release was distilled in Hardwick and among the first 53 gallon barrels we ever produced. An incredibly special and well developed barrel, we decided to leave it unblended and at barrel strength.

Because it has not been proofed down, quantities are extremely limited. It will be available Sunday, December 10th at NOON, ONLY on Gin Lane while supplies last. Limit of one bottle per person. We anticipate there will be a line so be prepared to wait, and we could run out.

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